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I don’t know how many of you guys are writers yourselves, but you’ll probably get what I mean by author problems when I tell you what’s been going on over the last few days! 

#AuthorProblem 1

Have you ever been in that situation at work where you’re trying to get hold of a distributor or otherwise-helpful-to-your-company’s-product-persona, and they just won’t get back to you? I spent the last week and a half chasing two huge events that are coming up late this year and in the beginning of next (for appearance’s sake I won’t say who), with everything from phone calls to facebook messages to emails to messenger pigeons! Okay, so I didn’t use messenger pigeons, but that would’ve been awesome. I was told to phone at different times of the day, but I spoke more with the secretary and message inboxes than with the people I was after. But, I suppose everyone has these problems! I’m planning to continue with the hunt for information over the next week, and I’m hoping I’ll get somewhere this time!

#AuthorProblems 2

One of the hardest parts of being an author is the one thing you can’t control. The big, evil, horrible part of writing that we call ‘Writer’s Block.’ You can set yourself up in your favourite little coffee shop nook with the best drink for your writing, have all the scenes you plan to write ready in your head, but when you open up your laptop to write the planned four pages, you end up sitting and staring at the screen, the horror climbing up your neck as you realize what’s taken you over. Writer’s Block. It happened to me this week, just after I finished writing a conversation that would open up to the next big happening in the book. I finished the scene in the cool of Starbucks, but found myself unable to figure out what to write next. I think I’ve figured out a way around it for now, but writer’s block is a scary thing!

So, those are the #authorproblems of the week! What about you guys, how have you been struggling against the perils of writing and organizing? Let loose in the comments!


Big Fat Steamy Info Post

As many of you might have noticed, I recently published my first book! Today’s post is less of a freaking-out-overly-excited post, and more of an informational post. I’ll give you a short summary of the book, links to where you can buy it and where you can get news of it. And thanks everyone for all your awesome support! Welcome, new followers to my crazy author world!

First off, what is Steam World about?

Steam World is almost an introduction to steampunk. I began writing it just as I started to find a passion for the clockwork crazy! The book is written from the point of views of three teenage New Yorkers, who just happen to hunt demons. Writing the book like this gave me the opportunity to bring together the crazy popular demon/vampire/supernatural books we all know and the new and extremely unusual world of steampunk. So, thrown from a parallel New York to a world above the skies, the girls race against time to save an old friend from a maniac on a mission to start a war.

Like the book and want to find out what happens next?

For all the latest updates on the next books and how the writing’s going as well as where you might be able to catch me and the books at events, catch me on twitter at @hedgehogwriter, like our facebook page (listed as Steam World), and, of course, check back here for the rest of the crazy book adventures!

Again, thanks to the awesome people who support me while I write, and my awesome readers! If you guys want to be even awesomer, leave a review on Amazon to spike the interest, and tell your friends!

Read My Book!

Hi everyone! For anyone who missed the news, I recently got my book, Steam World, published on kindle Amazon! I’m telling you this because I think you should read it (WHOA BIG FAT SURPRISE THERE I KNOW) but seriously, you should read it if u have six dollars and want to be awesome. It’s a book filled with demon hunters, pirates, time travel, and an insane guy who is preeeetty creepy. Wanna know more? Looks like you’ll have to buy the book! What are you waiting for? Go onto your Kindle, Kindle Fire, Kindle Fire HD, Amazon Kindle App, any Kindle device and look up ‘Steam World (An Airship Abby Novel’ by Tori Rock, then be amazed at the awesome that attacks your face upon reading it! seriously. go. right now. GOOOO!

thank you!