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Big Fat Steamy Info Post

As many of you might have noticed, I recently published my first book! Today’s post is less of a freaking-out-overly-excited post, and more of an informational post. I’ll give you a short summary of the book, links to where you can buy it and where you can get news of it. And thanks everyone for all your awesome support! Welcome, new followers to my crazy author world!

First off, what is Steam World about?

Steam World is almost an introduction to steampunk. I began writing it just as I started to find a passion for the clockwork crazy! The book is written from the point of views of three teenage New Yorkers, who just happen to hunt demons. Writing the book like this gave me the opportunity to bring together the crazy popular demon/vampire/supernatural books we all know and the new and extremely unusual world of steampunk. So, thrown from a parallel New York to a world above the skies, the girls race against time to save an old friend from a maniac on a mission to start a war.

Like the book and want to find out what happens next?

For all the latest updates on the next books and how the writing’s going as well as where you might be able to catch me and the books at events, catch me on twitter at @hedgehogwriter, like our facebook page (listed as Steam World), and, of course, check back here for the rest of the crazy book adventures!

Again, thanks to the awesome people who support me while I write, and my awesome readers! If you guys want to be even awesomer, leave a review on Amazon to spike the interest, and tell your friends!