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Read My Book!

Hi everyone! For anyone who missed the news, I recently got my book, Steam World, published on kindle Amazon! I’m telling you this because I think you should read it (WHOA BIG FAT SURPRISE THERE I KNOW) but seriously, you should read it if u have six dollars and want to be awesome. It’s a book filled with demon hunters, pirates, time travel, and an insane guy who is preeeetty creepy. Wanna know more? Looks like you’ll have to buy the book! What are you waiting for? Go onto your Kindle, Kindle Fire, Kindle Fire HD, Amazon Kindle App, any Kindle device and look up ‘Steam World (An Airship Abby Novel’ by Tori Rock, then be amazed at the awesome that attacks your face upon reading it! seriously. go. right now. GOOOO!

thank you!